We care about improving your quality of life!

There are plenty of reasons why, but here’s the real reason; it's the little details that sets us apart from big box banks and online lenders.  

We know we are doing more than just giving you a loan. We care about making a positive impact on your health, wealth and overall well-being for you and your family through homeownership.   We work super hard for you to make this reality become true.   Many  don't realize children also dream of having a home.  I had a little boy at a closing tell me,  "Ms. Pat, thank you for getting the house for us.  Now the kids at school won't make fun of me because I live in an apartment."  There was definitely some teary eyes in that room.  

We help you save big!

We can’t promise an exact number, but we find the savings to be pretty substantial.  We like to keep the loan process simple and affordable and pass the savings to you. We don't have a fancy office,  there's  no branch or corporate office taking your money. 

I had a young man in his early 20's that was working with another lender.  He didn't know that not all Lenders are created equal.  When he saw his bottom line, he asked for a second opinon and his uncle referred him to us.   We saved this millenial $6,000 in closing costs and gave him a much lower interest rate. 

 We LOVE what we do, so it’s only natural we do the best for you!

We love taking the time  to educate the loan process to our first time home buyers and giving them loan options.   We’ll keep in touch regularly with our clients and referral partners with a quick text, phone call or email.  Everything we do is geared towards building a relationship because at the end of the transaction, our clients feel like family and we are just as excited as they are when they get their keys.  

So, with that being said, if you’re ready to work with a team who’s going to take great care of you then let's get started!

 We’ve been in the mortgage  business for over 15+ years and we know what works, and what doesn’t, and we conduct our business as such. We always aim to provide 5 star service, and we deliver on our word.

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